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About Us

Fill the gap. Then redefine it.

Medix was founded in January 2001 in Elkhart, Indiana by Thomas Moleski and Floyd “Lacey” Lowery.

What started as a market-responsive need to lower manufacturing costs has grown into a mission to deliver the ambulance industry’s highest performance value.

Nothing is safer, more effective, or more efficient than a first responder inside a Medix ambulance.


Medix ambulance at start of a rollover test

Medix Ambulance Rollover Test

Nothing comes close.

  • Grown to 5 plants in under 10 years.
  • Outstanding structural integrity.
  • Repeatable, reliable manufacturing.
  • Top speed to market.
  • Competitive price point.
  • Highly invested dealers.


Medix Ambulance employee welding parts


When you build your entire philosophy on doing the right thing to take care of the customer, you never stop growing.


Medix employees are craftsmen who build effective, efficient, life-saving ambulances that work every day in the communities they serve. We do not force 15 units a day down a production line. Instead, Medix production rates are based on our reputation of building quality units.


To grow and keep serving our customers, we are hiring in all positions including:

  • • Electricians
  • • Painters
  • • Final Finish
  • • Welders
  • • General Assembly


Medix has not seen the business swings that other local industries have. Get consistent employment, competitive wages, possibility of weekly production bonuses in addition to annual performance bonuses, a comprehensive benefits package, and a family-oriented work environment.


Apply today to help us deliver go time in no time.


To get started and learn more about available positions, click here.


Or better yet, apply in person M-F from 8AM-4PM at 3008 Mobile Dr. Elkhart, IN 46514.

Key Contacts

People who make the right thing endlessly repeatable.

What happens when you take away the burden of busy work from a team that is hyper-focused on customer service?

Engineers have the headspace to perfect new center consoles.
Craftsmen have the focus to scrutinize every fleck of paint.
Dealers have a mission hellbent on fitting inspection notes to a single page.

Medix’s decision to manufacture lean has resulted in a workforce with the greatest performance investment.


Art Brown: Warranty & Service, Electrical Product Development

Office: 574-266-0911 ext. 134

Cell:  574-213-4979


Warranty Email:

Art came to Medix in 2013 after almost 35 years with one of our competitors. His manufacturing experience covers the entire start to finish process; however, his expertise is in electronics, and he’s as good as it gets in the ambulance industry. Art is responsible for warranty and service, and his cell phone is always on.

David Wood: Fleet Sales / Regional Dealer Sales

Office: 574-266-0911 ext. 122

Cell:  574-903-1466


David Wood has been with Medix since 2001. He’s in charge of fleet sales, a mix of the dealer family and is a big reason why Medix has grown and developed into the successful operation that it is today. David is responsible for Fleet sales to private operators all over the country.

Joe Fox: Parts

Office: 574-266-0911 ext. 102

Cell:  574-327-4853


Parts Email:

Joe has been involved with ambulance manufacturing for over 25 years.  He came to Medix in 2004 and has been involved in the manufacturing process of all makes and models. His manufacturing experience covers the entire start to finish processes. Joe is your go-to guy for quick response on all of your parts requirements.

 Wade Robinson: Inside Direct Sales MI, TN, N. IN, CO

Office: 574-266-0911 ext. 132

Cell:  574-903-3136


Wade has been responsible for inside sales in the ambulance industry for 17 years. In addition to his dealer support responsibilities, Wade is extremely successful in his direct sales position developing new Medix customers in Tennessee, Michigan, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Scott Cummings: Regional Dealer Sales

Office: 574-266-0911 ext. 143

Cell:  616-644-4402


Scott’s 20-year career has focused on the manufacturing and transportation industries including experience with ambulance, automotive, and recreational vehicles. Scott supports a mix of the dealer family and his efforts help to nurture long-term dealer and customer relationships.


Five facilities deliver first-class ambulance types.Assembly line of Medix Ambulances in the facility

Or even less if you take advantage of our factory demo program. Medix dedicates over 127,000 sq ft to modular production, paint, R&D, special projects and efficient Type II production.


Our manufacturing model is infinitely scalable to meet the growing demand for Medix performance value.