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Metro Express RP90ES type-1 ambulance

Metro Express RP90ES

Type I Ambulance

Ford F-350 / Chevy C/K-3500 / Dodge RAM 3500/4500

146'' x 90'' x 68''

Lightweight, heavy-duty response. The Metro Express RP90ES Type I provides the working clearance, rugged build quality and manufacturing repeatability to lead bariatric, CCT and ALS transport operations.


Static load tested to 50,000 PSI.

Easier to service

Most replacement parts ship same-day should you encounter an accident.

Standard Features

Metro Express RP90ES Type-1 KO Tillman County
Chassis Ford F-350
Wheel Base 169"
Engine 6.7 L V-8 Diesel
Transmission Automatic 10-Speed
Module Length 146"
Module Width 90"
Aisle Width 45"
Module Headroom 68″
GVWR 14,000
Chassis Chevy C/K-3500
Wheel Base 171"
Engine 6.6 L V-8 Duramax Diesel
Transmission Automatic 10-Speed
Module Length 146"
Module Width 90″
Aisle Width 45"
Module Headroom 68″
GVWR 14,000
Chassis Dodge RAM 3500/4500
Wheel Base 167.5"/192.5"
Engine 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel
Transmission 6-Speed Auto Aisin AS69RC HD
Module Length 146"
Module Width 90"
Aisle Width 45"
Module Headroom 68"
GVWR 14,000



Body – 2″ x 2″ x .125″ w/.090″ 5052-H32 skin

Sub-Floor – 2″ x 2″ x .125″, 2″ x 2″ x .250″ & 1.75″ x 4″ x .250″ C-channel w/.750″ AL plate

Floor – .060″ AL barrier, .75″ marine grade

Compartments – smooth AL w/rubberized urethane coat

  • SS Front – O2 M-cylinder mount
  • SS Middle – open storage
  • SS Rear – backboard storage
  • CS Front, Upper – ALS w/IS/OS access
  • CS Front, Lower – battery tray, roll-out
  • CS Rear – optional general storage

Doors & Windows – tinted, fixed glass

TriMark free-floating, powder coated black

Rear Bumper Frame – HD steel tube frame powder coated black

Rear Step – ADP rear pods w/flip-up step, w/rubber dock bumpers

Mud Flaps – rubber rear

Fender Flares – black rubber

Running Boards – w/ADP splash guard

Stone Guards – ADP each corner

Rub Rails – C-channel w/1″ reflective strip


Combo 59K BTU heat, 38K BTU cool

630 CFM multi-speed fan

Exhaust Fan – 2-speed, 520 CFM

Digital thermostat control

Digital volt/amp meter

Basic, easy maintenance relay/circuit breaker electrical system

Electrical Cabinet – over walk-thru w/hinged, latching door

Front/rear switch panels w/internal LED backlighting

Wiring – GXL, point-to-point, color coded

Front Console – floor-mounted, formed ABS body w/ (2) cup holders

Rear Control Panel – w/integral LED clock

Shoreline – 125V, 20-amp, 60 Hz receptacle

TST commander 400 battery disconnect

Battery Charger – 45-amp

Inverter – pre-wired

125 VAC Outlets – (2)

12 VDC Outlets – (2)

USB Port – dual 2-amp outlets

Radio Power/Ground – (2) w/antenna coax

Lights & Siren

Front – (7) 900 Series (4) red, (3) white LED on front wall: R/W/R/W/R/W/R

Sides – (2) 900 Series red LED each side

Rear – (2) 900 Series red LED upper rear corners, (1) 700 Series amber LED center rear, (2) 900 Series red LED rear mid-body as brake/warning

Grille – (2) LINZ6 red LEDs w/chrome bezels

Intersection – (2) 700 Series red LED w/chrome bezels

Scene Lights – (2) 900 Series halogen Gradient Opti-Scenelight each side

Load Lights – (2) 700 Series LED Gradient Opti-Scenelight

Siren – SLSA1 200 watt in front console

Speakers, Siren – (2) 100 watt thru bumper


Cabinet to Squad Bench Aisle – 46″

Cab to patient compartment – pass-thru

Laminated Wood Cabinetry – full SS wall cabinetry or w/CPR seat

Action area & overhead cabinet

Walk-thru & bulkhead storage cabinets

ALS Cabinet – lower locking cabinet, middle & upper open storage w/adjustable shelf

Lexan sliding doors w/extruded pull handles

Squad Bench – (2) belted positions

Sharps/waste drop-in w/red plex lid

Technician’s Seat – captain’s chair w/Type II lap/shoulder belt on steel base w/storage

Interior Lighting – (8) LED dome lights recessed in ceiling w/5-minute check-out timer, 16″ LED bar light in action area

Grab Handles – SS on each entry door panel

Grab Rail – 72″ overhead in ceiling

Cushions – formed/seamless upholstery w/2.5″ foam

Flooring – .125″ vinyl w/3″ roll-up

Patient Care

Suction Aspirator – RICO RS-4X

Oxygen Outlets – (2) in action area, (1) over squad bench

Oxygen Cylinder Retention – steel bracket w/ (3) straps & collar oxygen cylinder wrench

IV Holders – (2) CPI 2008, fold-down, recessed hangers

Cot Mount – KKK-A-1822F compliant cot mount hardware

Paint, Decals, Lettering

Star-of-Life Decals – optional

Paint Stripe – optional

Lettering/Graphics Package – optional



Electrical – 72 months/72,000 miles

Limited – 36 months/36,000 miles

Paint – 48 months

Body Structure – 15 years

Ambulance Interiors

Metro Express RP90ES Type-1 Interior 1
Metro Express RP90ES Type-1 Interior 2
Metro Express RP90ES Type-1 Interior 3
Metro Express RP90ES Type-1 Interior 4
Metro Express RP90ES Type-1 Interior 5
“What led us to go to Medix was the amount of help they gave us when we first contacted them. Working with Wade Robinson was phenomenal. He came over here and we went through each truck that we had at that time to ask what we liked, what we didn’t like…He probably called me more than I called him.”

Chief Nik Kantz

Bristol Fire Department, Bristol, IN