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Medix Specialty Vehicles Announces Authorized Ambulance Dealer for Kansas

January 9, 2024 – ELKHART, INDIANA: Medix Specialty Vehicles, a leading Midwest ambulance manufacturer, is expanding its distribution into the state of Kansas and is partnering with Danko Emergency Equipment as the authorized dealer in the state. Danko Emergency Equipment’s territory expansion to sell Medix ambulances in Kansas elevates its customer service and will bring more awareness of Medix’s highly effective, efficient ambulance offering to the region. This expansion, alongside existing territories in South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado, is a testament to Medix and Danko’s commitment to providing reliable emergency vehicles and outstanding service to the communities they serve.

“Medix ambulances provide a high-performance value, and we are proud to expand our partnership to grow our organization in Kansas with Medix’s quality ambulances,” said Jeff Wegner, Director of Sales & Marketing with Danko Emergency Equipment. “We have a strong relationship with Medix, and we look forward to getting more Medix ambulances on the road.”

Medix Specialty Vehicles began their partnership with Danko Emergency Equipment in early 2022. Wegner noted that in their region, the most popular Medix ambulance includes the MSV-II Type I ambulance, capable of BLS, ALS, and heavy rescue operations with one of the longer box configurations at 170”. With a 4×4 chassis, the MSV-II is perfect for tackling any Midwestern terrain, including the vast plains and gentle hills of Kansas.

Serving the industry since 1974, Danko Emergency Equipment manufactures and sells high-quality firefighting and emergency vehicles to fire departments, rural fire districts, and governmental entities. They also service every vehicle they sell—allowing customers peace of mind that their emergency equipment is ready to respond to critical situations at any moment.

“We are excited to partner with Danko Emergency Equipment and bring our Medix ambulances to the state of Kansas,” said Rob Eichorst, Vice President of Sales at Medix Specialty Vehicles. “Every ambulance we deliver is manufactured by a dedicated team of employees who believe in delivering lifesaving equipment across the communities we serve. We are proud to extend our partnership with Danko Emergency Vehicles and to positively impact emergency medical services in Kansas.”

To learn more about Medix Specialty Vehicles, or to find a dealer in your region, please visit medixambulance.com.

About Medix Specialty Vehicles

Medix Specialty Vehicles, Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacturing of Type I, Type II, and Type III ambulances.  Located in Elkhart, Indiana, Medix Specialty Vehicles, Inc. has produced one of the highest quality and best-valued ambulances in the industry since 2001. Medix Specialty Vehicles is owned by Demers Braun Ambulance Manufacturer. Learn more about Medix Specialty Vehicles at medixambulance.com or by contacting (866) 971-4915.

About Danko Emergency Equipment

Located in Snyder, Nebraska, Danko Emergency Equipment is a family-owned business that manufactures and sells high-quality firefighting and emergency vehicles to fire departments, rural fire districts, and governmental entities. Danko Emergency Equipment manufactures many types of vehicles including Tankers, Pumper/Tankers, Pumpers, Quick Attacks, Rescue Vehicles, Skid Units, Wildland Units, Airport Units, and other Specialty Vehicles. Learn more about Danko Emergency Equipment at danko.net or by contacting (866) 568-2200.


Vanessa Bomboir

Director Marketing, U.S.

Phone: 306-230-7723 | Email: vbomboir@crestlinecoach.com


Rob Eichorst

Vice President U.S. Sales, Medix

Phone: 574-266-0911 | Email: rob@medixambulance.com

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