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Medix Specialty Vehicles Will Observe National EMS Week

May 18, 2023 – Elkhart, Indiana: Medix Specialty Vehicles will observe National EMS Week on May 21-27, 2023. The week is set aside to ensure that the crucial contributions of EMS practitioners are recognized and celebrated. Medix’s celebrations will include an online giveaway to win a crew lunch, awareness for the EMS profession, and public gratitude for the EMTs, paramedics, and the entire EMS workforce doing heroic work in their local communities. Those interested in participating in the giveaway should follow Medix on Facebook at Facebook.com/MedixAmbulances.

“National EMS Week is a big one for us,” says Rob Eichorst, Vice President of US Sales at Medix. “The people – EMS professionals – drive our vehicles and our business. Our slogan at Medix is ‘Go Safely. Go Effectively. Go Efficiently.’ It speaks to the individuals driving our ambulances and their vital work. They give us purpose, and it is our honor to take the time to celebrate them during this special week.”

May 21-27, 2023, is the 49th annual National EMS Week. The week was established by President Gerald Ford to celebrate the EMS practitioners and the vital work they do in our local communities. The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) partner to lead the annual EMS Week activities. This year, they have selected the theme of “Where Emergency Care Begins” and have put together resources and suggestions to ensure that the crucial contributions of EMS professionals are fully celebrated and recognized.

Medix Specialty Vehicles will observe the week by sharing content and social media related to each daily theme. 2023 daily themes include EMS Education Day (Monday), Safety Tuesday (Friday), EMS for Children Day (Wednesday), Save-A-Life Day (Thursday), and EMS Recognition Day (Friday). Throughout the week, people can also enter an online giveaway. The giveaway will be open to all EMS professionals, and the prize will be lunch for the winning department. Those interested in entering should follow Medix on Facebook at Facebook.com/MedixAmbulances.

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Medix Specialty Vehicles, Inc. is an industry leader in manufacturing Type I, Type II, and Type III ambulances. Located in Elkhart, Indiana, Medix Specialty Vehicles, Inc. has produced one of the highest quality and best-valued ambulances in the industry since 2001. Learn more about Medix Specialty Vehicles at MedixAmbulance.com or (866) 971-4915.

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